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Seeking Location and Sponsorship

 What’s Your Point; Location to be determined location: Proposal

“What’s Your Point” is a socially provocative and politically charged game show moderated by an unnamed comedian (TBD) who challenges a rolodex of comedians (presently Chicago mostly) to earn points for making the best viewpoint in an attempt to win a short comedic stand up performance in front of the “What’s Your Point" audience.   The audience will be developed through Aaron Fosters association with the Location to be determined.

What We Need from location: use of the location for video taping,  various times


Each segment of the show will start the discussions by using one joke from the standup set of a guest. We hope to use the backdrop of the Location to be determined to record that one joke, however it is not necessary..  The recorded Joke will be topical to drive the conversation.  The rest of the discussion, and the short standup set, will take place in another location, on another day.   In short, this will act as a mini “commercial” for the Location to be determined by showcasing the pertinent lower third information (TBD by the Location to be determined: including the comedian name and excluding referrals to third party websites), and the logo and brand of the Location to be determined during the short video of the joke. We will also give a “Special Thanks to The Location to be determined” credit at the end of the video, and since we will be using the WCIU platform we can add links directly to The Location to be determined Website. This arrangement would be a win for The Location to be determined, the comedian, and for us!

All of the production will be handled by Aaron Foster and  Everett Salyer,  Everett Salyer, Associate Producer. ESPN and Big Ten Network- 2010 Big Ten Network- Midwest Emmy Winners,  or one of his affiliates.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Aaron Foster or the other producer, or;


Intro:  Entering Cigar shop-- (Place of Discussion)

1.  A 4 comedian panel is introduced by the moderator

2.  The Host divulges that the topic of today's show will be performed by ( comedian ) and shows clip

3. Discussion takes place

4.  Sides are set up pro and con.

5.  graphics for points and discussion should be set and appointed by point Master
a. stars to symbolically show points
b. other advantages TBD


The winner of the segment gets his 6 min. at the club to be named.